If there is one thing my kid loves the most about Sartell, it is the KidZone indoor playground at the Community Center. He tries getting us to take him there at least once a week.

Whether it is climbing on the obstacles on the playground, flying down the slide or doing lap after lap (after lap) around the playset itself, it is one of his favorite places.

We went to the KidZone last weekend for a bit and we noticed a new sign on the door. "NOTICE: Smoking of any type is prohibited on these premises."


Okay, which one of you needed to light up at the KidZone? Go ahead and fess up... I'm not mad I am just disappointed.

I am guessing (hoping) that it was some sort of vape as opposed to an actual, old-school cigarette. Don't get me wrong, I don't think vaping at the KidZone is cool either but at least it wouldn't fill the whole place with smoke.

Unfortunately for this person it is no longer the 1980's where you could smoke almost anywhere your heart desired. I even remember when people would smoke in the Burnsville Mall when I was a kid!

Times have changed and so should your vaping/smoking venue. Keep it in your home or at least step outside (and I'm guessing across the parking lot) before lighting up... and keep it out of the KidZone!

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