ST. CLOUD -- For three decades, Mom's Cinnamon Rolls has called Crossroads Center in St. Cloud their home and now the business is closing.

Chuck and Janet Wheeler are the owners. They plan to retire at the end of the month. Janet says the business started as a way to spend time together.

"We looked for something we could do together and we looked into a lot of different franchises. I went to the library and studied up on different things that were popular at the time. And back then cinnamon roll shops were the big deal."

Chuck says it truly has been an all hands on deck, family business.

"All three of our children have worked here when they were growing up and in high school. All three of our children have gone on to wonderful careers that they have."

The Wheeler's grandchildren have also worked in the store over the years.

Over the years Janet says you don't stay in business this long without making a few friends along the way.

"We used to have a girl that came in on her stroller and she'd yell Chuck's name as she was coming up and she always wanted a cinnabit. She used to come over to our house trick-or-treating. We'd exchange birthday cards and things like that. There's a lot of customers where I don't even know their first names but have stopped by and said thank you for being so nice to my mother when I used to bring her out here. There were times when the customer, me and my daughter who was here on Saturday, were all crying."

Chuck and Janet plan to kick off their retirement with a road trip to Florida and a cruise. After that, Janet says they'll see where life takes them.

"We don't even have the plans to come home yet. Those are the things were going to do in January and February."

They've never been gone from the store for more than two weeks, so retirement life will be a bit of an adjustment. However, both of them say they'll miss the people the most.

"We're going to enjoy what we do but we are going to miss it out here."

Mom's Cinnamon Rolls will be open through New Year's Eve.

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