There are things that happen in life that can be hard to explain, this might be one of them. A picture that was taken inside a wildlife refuge here in Minnesota shows a tiny fake tree decorated up like a Christmas tree on a tiny island. Who brought the tree and who did the decorating?

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Image Credit: Debby Bluem
Image Credit: Debby Bluem

The picture that I found came from a birding page on social media. The person behind the picture is Debby Olson Bluem, and she captioned it:

In the Minnesota River Valley Wildlife Refuge. I'm not sure how they managed to erect and decorate this tree in the middle of the refuge where boats are not allowed.

Debby has an interesting point, as boats aren't allowed into the wildlife refuge, located in Bloomington, so how did someone get the tree out onto that little 'island' of weeds, and who was it?

Debby told me that the photo she took was a few years old, she took it on December 19, 2021, so if you go out to the Minnesota River Valley Wildlife Refuge, you probably won't see this tree. I say probably because the same person who did this a few years ago, may do this again.

Regardless of who decorated it or how they did it, it is a really simple yet inspiring act that put me in the holiday spirit.

This summer between Clear Lake and Clearwater someone erected a wooden flag pole on the sandbar in the middle of the Mississippi, I didn't get a good picture of it, but that was somewhat the same, where one day it was just there for all to see.

Is there a Christmas tree in a different or unique place that you know about? Let us know through our free app!

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