SARTELL -- This week in our "Fitness Friday" series on WJON, we see how taking group classes at the gym are just as beneficial as lifting weights.

Group fitness classes are a great way to get in a high intensity workout through lifting weights and cardiovascular exercise.

Cat Barnes is the Group Fitness Coordinator for Fitness Evolution. She says you can take a different fitness class everyday of the week for your workout.

"If you decide to go to a body pump class three times a week then go to a yoga or Pilates class two times a week that's a great foundation to start with," says Barnes.

Barnes says the classes not only provide a great atmosphere but can be done by anyone no matter what their age.

"The instructors we have are all qualified to teach anyone from their young teens to 65 and there is always a modification for anyone with injuries or limitations," says Barnes.

She says often times men feel they can't participate in the classes but they are encouraged and are usually pushed to work harder in the classes.

"I know sometimes for people there is that social idea that men can't go to group classes with a bunch of women but they come in working just as hard," says Barnes.

Fitness Evolution provides a large variety of classes like Body Pump, Zumba, and Aqua Fit. Barnes says it's good to try different instructors to get a different type of workout in the class.

"It's just the teaching styles of the instructors and that's good to have a variety," says Barnes.

Barnes says if you have never taken a class before to give it a try. The moves and modifications are easy enough for anyone to catch on quick.

Group Fitness Coordinator Cat Barnes leads a Zumba class at Fitness Evolution (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)