Dale Wick, Stephen Frank, Steve Olson and Matt Killam
Dale Wick, Stephen Frank, Steve Olson and Matt Killam

ST. JOSEPH - WJON News is highlighting several of the local races in this year's Election 2014. Today we're highlighting the race for St. Joseph City Council as Stephen Frank, Matt Killam, Steve Olson and Dale Wick compete for two open seats.


Why Do You Want To Be A Member Of The St. Joseph City Council?

Incumbent Stephen Frank says he considered retiring but was told by numerous people to run again.

Challenger Matt Killam says he has lots of experience across the board with the city of St. Joseph.

Incumbent Dale Wick says he would like to contiune being a member to complete needed parks and rec improvements. Challenger Steve Olson emphasized that the city government center situation needs to be resolved.


What’s The Most Important Issue Facing St. Joseph Right Now?

Olson says the government center situation is the biggest issue and that he brings in construction expertise that would be vauable moving forward

Wick says continuing to bring in businesses is the most important, adding that there has been an increase over the last few years.

Frank says he would focus on the three S's: streets, sewer/water and safety. Killam says he would also make the government center his biggest priority.


How Do You Think You Can Make A Difference?

Frank says he brings in a different perspective to the group with his academic background.

Killam says he would bring a fresh and new perspective to the council.

Olson wants the council to communicate with its residents more.

Wick emphasized having the council be financially responsible.


Election Day is November 4th.

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