Dinosaur Drive-Thru runs at the Mall of America June 24-July 11.

Like many, I grew up fascinated by dinosaurs as a kid. I watched the Land Before Time movies and -- when I was older -- the Jurassic Park movies, too. I played with dinosaur toys. My favorite dinosaur was the Triceratops because it looked cool and was one of the nicer dinosaurs. I've always wondered what -- if dinosaurs still roamed the earth of the plot of Jurassic Park became some terrible reality -- I would do. To be honest, I probably wouldn't survive long. Still, there's a mystery and fascination to dinosaurs, probably because they are something of the past.

Treat your kids to a blast from the past with Dinosaur Drive-Thru coming to the Mall of America June 24 through July 11!

Drive back in time to when Velociraptors roamed the land. Your kids will stare in amazement as you pass more than 60 massive prehistoric creatures that roar and move!

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The dinosaurs are not statues but life-sized, animatronic, museum-quality dinosaurs that move and roar. Daytime and nighttime tours allow you to see the dinosaurs in detail or lit up with dazzling lights. The hour-long drive is accompanied by a "funny and enlightening" audio guide. There's also a fun quiz for each vehicle and a scorecard provided for every rider to play along with.

Price for Dinosaur Drive-Thru is $49 per vehicle, and tickets can be purchased here.

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