Jason Aldean played in Southern Minnesota on Saturday at the Treasure Island Casino Amphitheater, and by many accounts both online and from asking people who were at the show it was FANTASTIC. Anyone paying especially close attention during the show may have noticed the St. Cloud connection that was on stage. Jason's lead guitarist, Kurt Allison, was wearing a St. Cloud State University Baseball cap!

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One of those Jason Aldean band members is the lead guitarist and brother-in-law to St. Cloud State baseball coach Pat Dolan, Kurt Allison.  I guess it must have been a nod to his brother-in-law, and he WAS in Minnesota, so wearing a SCSU hat made some sense.

It was a pretty hot night Saturday with temperatures AFTER the concert still in the low 80s, so the performers were most definitely pretty warm up on stage, and just think about how much hotter it was under those lights! Many of the band members were wearing hats or headbands to keep the sweat out of their eyes.

I've looked in plenty of places for a really good picture of the hat, but I only found one, but you can clearly tell what it is on the front of the hat!

What a nice thing to do, I mean Kurt probably has his choice of hats to wear during a show, and he took the time, thought about, and went with, what I think, was a great choice with the local hat.

In case you were wondering who else was at the show, opening for Jason Aldean on Saturday night was FireFest performer Corey Kent and Mitchell Tenpenny.

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