Fans of Chick-fil-A might want to take notice of this. A Chick-fil-A food truck is traveling the Midwest, and it will be stopping in Willmar on Friday for a few hours. The truck offers Chick-fil-A to those in communities that don't have one, and it seems that this truck is pretty popular.

A social media posting by the food truck earlier this week indicated the truck would indeed stop in Willmar on Friday.

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We are looking forward to cooler weather and serving you next week in Estherville, Eau Claire, Albert Lea, Clear Lake, and Willmar!
See you soon!

The truck makes stops in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Those interested in grabbing food from the truck are encouraged to order online. (You can do that here) But you can always get something to eat by ordering from the truck.

The food truck will be in the Willmar Cub Foods parking lot on Friday from 11am to 6pm.

People living in the St. Cloud area have been able to enjoy a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A for years, but the truck offers people who may have heard of the restaurant a chance to try it, without having to drive to the nearest city that offers a franchise.

You can follow the food truck on social media here for other dates and locations as they are announced.

The idea of the mobile food truck that offers 'brand name' food is an interesting one, would there be similar interest for another chain to do something similar? I could see a brand like Taco Bell being able to offer something like this, as tacos are pretty quick and easy to make, but maybe I'm missing something about that idea.

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