Halloween is only one day year but not for Amanda Kist, owner of Salon Halo. Every day for the last 8 years have been a bit like Halloween.

When you passed by Salon Halo in Robbinsdale, Minnesota recently, you may have seen the spooky Halloween decorations they had up.  What you don't know about Salon Halo is that it seems to actually be haunted for real.

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According to fox9.com, Salon Halo owner Amanda Kist says that for the last 8 years there have been some strange and spooky things going on in her salon. Most of the mysterious happenings at the salon have been in the back corner of the building where the mechanical closet and break room are located.

Some of the odd occurrences include pictures just flying off the wall and the salon stereo system just shutting itself off at exactly 5PM every day.  "We've had electricians come in, and everything is running exactly as it should," said Kist.

Kist had a psychic at the salon a few years back and the psychic told her that indeed there was a paranormal presence at the salon. If fact, the psychic immediately went back to the area were the strange occurrences have been taking place.

The psychic told Kist that there were two ghosts there. One was a former owner of a watch repair business and his name was Charlie. The other was a young female entity named Emme.

"Maybe he's still on his clockwork! I feel like I'm a workaholic...maybe he is too? I think we get along great," said Kist.

Fox 9 checked with the Robbinsdale Historical Society for some history on the present location of Salon Halo. Board member David Krussow told them that several decades ago there was a house in that location that had a business inside.

"I recall that house was in great disrepair, but it still operated as a very small business because there was a sign outside the house that said 'Watchmaker'", said Krussow.

Kist says that she is not bothered by Charlie the ghost and actually talks to him on occasion.

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