With Hummingbirds making their way back to Minnesota, you might want to keep an eye out for these giant bugs finding a perch on your bird feeders.


I was horrified when I saw the video below, as I watched this giant insect trying to murder a beautiful little Hummingbird. There's no way that a bug could defeat a bird with their powerful wings; or could it?

Praying Mantis are quite fascinating, and I guess they have to eat too; but as I watched this bug attack a hummingbird as it approached the bird feeder below, I was shocked at how strong its little arms were!

Watch this video and you'll see what I mean.



I screamed in the studio when the Praying Mantis was able to grab the hummingbird out of thin air. According to Audobon.com, Praying Mantis have lightning-fast reflexes, and their arms and legs have spikes that help to pin down their prey. Since they can turn their heads 180 degrees, there's very little they can't keep an eye on for their next meal.













The best way to protect your hummingbirds from these bugs is to make sure you keep the bird feeders away from trees and shrubs where the praying Mantis can disguise themselves.

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You can also put a wide bird feeder cover over the feeder to keep the bugs from landing on the feeder but just know that some praying mantis can fly, and it might not work.

The easiest thing to do is to just keep an eye on your bird feeder. If you are out one morning enjoying the hummingbirds at the feeder, and notice a praying mantis latched on to it, grab a stick and move the praying mantis to a different location.

Insecticides are not recommended.

In reality, praying mantis are good to have around your yard and garden, and most likely would rather eat the insects from your yard and garden over a bird any day. It's just that sometimes they get so hungry they'll try for anything; and the bigger the prey, the more satisfying it must look.


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