ST. CLOUD -- A St. Joseph bakery is packing up and moving to the Granite City. Backwards Bread Company is planning on coming to south St. Cloud.

Elizabeth Meyer is the business manager. Her partner Travis Harjes owns the business. Meyer says they plan to open the bakery, including a retail space by around June.

"Our tentative timeline for actually physically moving the bakery is hopeful to be the end of February or early March and then once we are established we'll be applying to have what would be a retail spot where people can come in and buy our goods and our pastries with the hopes of that being up and running by early summer."

Backwards Bread Company has been operating from the former Collegeville Artisan Bakery location in St. Joesph. Last year, Backwards Bread bought out Collegeville Artisan Bakery, Meyer says they've been able to combine the menu items to keep everyone's favorites.

"[Collegeville Artisan Bakery] has been in the St. Joe community for about 15 years. We kind of dovetailed our menu of organic sourdough breads with their menu of artisan breads and pastry work."

Meyer says they are excited to be opening a fully functioning retail location.

The St. Cloud location will be in the former Cookie Advantage space at 3360 Southway Drive near Southway Bowl.

Backwards Bread Company started in 2016. You can find their bread in a variety of central Minnesota grocery stores and restaurants. As well as the former Collegeville Artisan Bakery location on County Road 51 in St. Joseph.

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