Going on our second month of living in our home, I was getting a little concerned when I'd take the dog out at night, and I would hear this awful shrieking sound. I'd only hear it after dark, and I would have my wife come out and listen to it, and we both thought it was going to be an owl, or maybe a rabbit meeting its unfortunate ending to a coyote. It was none of those things, but I did figure it out!

It turns out what I've been hearing the last few weeks is a red fox. Apparently, they just scream sometimes, which I think we can all identify with wanting to just let out a scream around the holidays.

I was pretty surprised to learn about the different types of animals that roam or fly during the night. Just in our neighborhood, we've got coyotes, foxes, owls, rabbits, squirrels, deer, raccoons, skunks, and opossums. Of all of those animals, listed I wouldn't have guessed a fox was making the sounds I was hearing.

I found a video online, the one I took last night you can't hear the screaming as clearly as you do with your ears, that pretty much is the sound I've been hearing.

I'll admit it did take some research to figure out what I was hearing. I spent maybe an hour just listening online to different types of owls, and other sounds you might hear at night around here.

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