I don't know about you, but I'm really uncomfortable with this new urinal design from Latvian-based designer Kaspers Jursens. Now, granted, maybe in Latvia, where even at the fanciest of restaurants you probably have to whizz in a back-alley bucket, this is innovative.

The photos, leaked by the website DesignTAXI, show us just how close the up-top water spigot is to the actual bowl. I'm pretty sure one errant stream negates the entire "Oh look how sanitary we are!" idea. Plus for drunks, it's just an invitation to take a step back and unleash target practice for the top shelf via the fire hose method. I'm also wondering where the soap is. Splash and Dash isn't acceptable, sirs. Just for the record, this marketing genius is calling it 'The Stand'.

Photo: Kaspars Jurgens