So, last week we brought you the story of Todd Foster and Scott Miller, two canoeists who decided to paddle the over 120 mile-long Sauk River. They've been canoeing together for 16 years, and have even made the journey from Minnesota to the Hudson Bay.

But for as much as the pair of friends enjoy trekking together, this particular outing isn't strictly for personal pleasure.

It's the 25th anniversary of the Sauk River Watershed District, so Miller and Foster wanted to highlight that milestone by making the expedition while blogging, collecting water samples and capturing photo/video highlights.

Not long after our story aired on WJON, I called the pair to see if I could hop in for the 18-mile stretch between Sauk Centre and Melrose. For some reason, they agreed and the three of us spent a rainy Wednesday meandering through some of the most beautiful river land in central Minnesota.

From turtles to turkey farms, great conversations to breathtaking river bend views, we saw it all. In spite of the drizzling conditions, I manage to video-record a few moments I consider highlights.

Every time I re-watch, I want to hop into a canoe. Maybe it will have the same effect on you.

Many thanks to Scott and Todd for an amazing day.

YouTube - Paddling the Sauk River with Todd Foster and Scott Miller.