WAITE PARK -- A Kwik Trip convenience store is looking to open in Waite Park next summer.

This (Monday) evening the Waite Park city council unanimously approved a conditional use permit for Kwik Trip to tear down the former Raddy’s Express convenience store.

Company Spokesman Wade DuMont says they expect to tear down the current building next month and build the new store starting in Spring.

"We will probably get the demolition going here in the next month, we like to try and get those taken care of right away, then look at construction next spring or summer," says DuMont.

The store would be located at 458 Great Oak Drive and would provide roughly 15 to 20 new jobs.

DuMont says Kwik Trip has been looking at several locations to build in the St. Cloud area. Plans have already been approved for Kwik Trip to be built in southeast St. Cloud next year.

Kwik Trip is a family-owned business based out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Raddy’s Express closed back in January.

Former Raddy's Express in Waite Park may be the home to Kwik Trip (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)