ST. CLOUD -- It wouldn't be Monday without a little jazz at the pioneer place on Fifth.

Monday Night Jazz started out as a bunch of guys getting together every week to let loose and play music that they love. They all began playing jazz music at a young age.

The group formed in 2004 when the started playing at the former Tavern Bar in downtown St. Cloud. In 2005 when the Tavern closed down they moved to the Pioneer Place.

The group is led by Jeff Engholm and Muggsy Lauer. Lauer previously hosted a jazz program on 88.1 FM KVSC for 17 years, where he says he learned a lot about jazz.

Lauer says the Veranda Lounge provides a great opportunity for the jazz players because if you're not an established jazz group, there are very few places to play.

He began playing jazz music when he was in high school, his mother was a jazz singer.

The group has a pretty good following of people that expect to hear live jazz music every Monday night.

They are scheduled from 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. but Lauer says sometimes they start late and finish early. The group prides themselves on their light-hearted and laid back approach to performing.

See a video of Monday Night Jazz below: