ST. CLOUD -- A Stearns County judge has set bail at $300,000 unconditional bail and $150,000 with conditions for a man allegedly caught peering inside the windows of unsuspecting women inside their south St. Cloud home. 33-year-old Kevin Petroske is also accused of masturbating while recording the victims.

Petroske is charged with 9 felonies and 20 gross misdemeanors.

Petroske was arrested Tuesday on new stalking and interference with privacy charges, just four weeks after he was arrested on a charge of interfering with privacy in a similar crime.

In his latest arrest, police says they confiscated Petroske's phone and found 39 different recordings of young women between the ages of 19-21. According to the criminal complaints, many of the recordings showed the victims naked or partially clothed.

Officers were able to identify six different victims in 25 of the recordings. All of the identified victims were recorded at their home in the 700 block of Seventh Avenue South in St. Cloud. Most of the recordings took place between April and June of this year.

Petroske also faces another charge stemming from an August 3rd incident where he was allegedly committing the same crimes in the 500 block of 6th Avenue South.

Petroske faces charges of interfering with privacy, stalking and stalking the women based on their gender.