UNDATED -- A massive wind storm that left downed trees and power lines in it's wake is our #8 story of the year in our countdown of the Top 10 Local News Stories of 2010.

The wind storm moved through the St. Cloud area on October 26th and 27th.  Our top wind gust in St. Cloud was officially clocked at 58 miles an hour.

Xcel Energy and East Central Energy reported more than 12,000 customers in Central Minnesota without power -- and over 50,000 customers lost power statewide.

Officials reported lots of damage from downed trees, but fortunately there were no injuries reported.

The other unusual feature of this storm was the all-time record low pressure reading in Minnesota.  It was set at Bigfork in northern Minnesota with a reading of 28.21 inches.

Meteorologists say it was very unusual to have a storm this strong develop over a land mass.  It stretched from the Dakotas to down through Ohio.