UNDATED -- 2010 was a record-breaking year for tornadoes.  And that is our #3 story in our countdown of the Top 10 local news stories of the year.

The tornado season in Minnesota actually got off to a slow start.  But when it began it came in with a bang.  The first tornado of the season was on June 17th.  We also happened to set a record for the most tornadoes in one day on that date.  Three people died and much of the town of Wadena was destroyed.

In mid-August we had two days of damaging storms in our area.  On Thursday, August 11th there were confirmed tornado touchdowns in Brooten and in St. Augusta.  The twister in St. Augusta was on the ground for just a few seconds and only affect a one-block neighborhood.

Then, the next day on Friday, August 12th a powerful storm ripped through the area just to the north of St. Cloud.  It knocked down thousands of trees, blew a semi off Highway 10, and damaged several small buildings.  The National Weather Service determined it was straight line winds that did that damage.

By the time the season ended, we experienced a record-setting 145 tornadoes across the state, shattering the old record of 74 set in 2001.

Tune-in tomorrow (Thursday) to hear our #2 story of the year.