ST. CLOUD - Calling all artists: Tech High School is holding a contest to come up with a new logo for their activity groups.

Currently, Tech is all over the board with logos for their activities. The goal is to come up with one that will provide a more consistent "brand" for the school.

Principal Charlie Eisenreich says the traditional Tech crest will still be used for important documents.

"The Tech crest will remain, that will still be our more formal logo. It will remain on diplomas that we hand out and other official types of documents."

Anyone is invited to submit a design, including parents, students, staff, alumni and community members. The contest runs until February 23rd. You may submit more than one. Eisenreich says a new logo can also play a big part in a possible new Tech High School ine.

"We certainly want to put that logo in our gym court and if there's a way to incorporate that right into the construction of that new facility, then we definitely want to be ready for that."

Designs can be submitted to For more specific information on contest guidelines, click here for the PDF.