ST. CLOUD -- October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and its a good time to stay informed on a common disease.

Juli Sanner is the Register Care Coordinator at the Coborn Cancer Center. She says they have come a long way in detecting cancer early.

"There is a lot of hope and optimism and we have come a long way," says Sanner. "There is lots of clinical trials that have been proven successful and there is lots of great treatment out there."

Pam Haake is the Coordinator at the Breast Center at CentraCare Health. She says breast cancer can effect anyone and anytime, so getting regular testing (especially in your 40's) is a good idea.

"That's the starting gate and that's why mammograms are so important to get that ball rolling and watch those sudden changes that occur over time, says Haake.

While hearing the news you have cancer is never easy, knowing all your options is important.

"Whether it's just informing them of what we need to do for their individual breast cancer and getting them into those right appointments, all of that helps," says Sanner.

However, just because you have breast cancer doesn't mean it's serious.

Megan Lensing is the Program Development Specialist at the Coborn Cancer Center. She says over 2-million people have survived and that number continues to grow each year.

"October is special in that it gives everyone a chance to support those that may have or had breast cancer and highlight the work that has been done and the progress that has been made," says Lensing.

Sanner says that even though their is a special month dedicated to bringing awareness, but breast cancer can happen at anytime and getting regular checkups is important.


Breast Cancer survivors and supports show off their pride during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)