ST. JOSEPH - St. Joseph took a step towards selling it's existing city hall and moving it onto the Colts Academy site.

The facility committee has met several times to discuss the needs for remodeling, adding on to the existing city hall building, or building a new facility on the Colts Academy grounds.

The committee decided it would be most cost effective to build the city hall structure first designed in 2013 for the current government center and place it on the Colts site, facing College Avenue. The current Colts Academy building will be used for a community center.

The hope is to bid the project in early January and February, with construction starting in the spring.

St. Joseph approved a $2.3 million purchase agreement with District 742 for the Colts Academy (Old Kennedy) building in June. The district will need to leave the building no later than July 1st, 2017 or when it’s no longer needed, but will need to give the city a 90-day notice.