ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud Police are looking for a level III sex offender after he didn't cooperate with his required predatory offender registration.

Dagan Lasart has a history of non-compliance with registration requirements and his wherabouts are currently unknown.

Lasart's last known location was in Bloomington where he was registered as homeless.

Lasart recently left the St. Cloud area where he was registered as a homeless offender and had several contacts to the local community.

Police are looking for Lasart and are requesting that you contact the Department if he is seen in the area.

Anyone with information should contact St. Cloud Police at 320-251-1200 or the Tri-County Crimestoppers at 320-255-1301. Crime tips can also be texted to the Tri-County Crimestoppers. Enter 274637 ("Crimes") into the destination box, start your text with TRITIP, enter a space, then type in the tip information.