INDEPENDENCE, Calif. (AP) — Searchers have found the body of a missing St. Cloud native who was killed in an avalanche in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

Inyo County Sheriff William Lutze says crews used sonar technology to find Michael David Meyers on Saturday in the John Muir Wilderness east of Fresno.

Lutze says the 25-year-old suffered massive injuries in the avalanche.

Meyers was a St. Cloud resident and attended St. John's Prep, he graduated in 2008. Lance Nydeen, a social studies teacher at St. John's Prep, says he remembers his energy and love of life.

"The memories that come out are a zest for life, he loved the outdoors, he loved skiing, he loved the winter sports, had a great sense of humor."

Meyers texted his roommate Nov. 5 to say he was going to Mount Russell in Inyo National Forest.

The area, where avalanches are common, was slammed by a winter-like storm. A search began Nov. 18 after someone found Meyers' car. Officials say Meyers, who studied physics at UCLA, was an experienced climber who left a detailed itinerary for his solo trip — which helped authorities locate the body.

-This story was written with information from the Associated Press-