COLLEGEVILLE - Saint John's Prep is celebrating its history and with a Legacy Dinner on Thursday.

The dinner is the schools annual celebration of it's founding. The school is now in its 158th year.

Director of communications at Saint John's Prep, Jill Pauly, says it was founded by five students back in 1857.


The dinner will also celebrate two couples for their special contributions and volunteer work at the school.

Henry and Mary Ann Padgett  will be honored, Henry was a 1969 graduate of Saint John's Prep. The couple host international students in the area, volunteer at events and are also active in both the St. Cloud community and Chuch of Saint Augustine.

Jim and Bridget Burkart will also be honored. Jim graduated from the school in 1950. He and Bridget went on to serve the United States as foreign service officers for 52 years. Inculded in their journey was an opportunity to work with Mother Teresa and the honor of receiving Knighthood from Pope Paul VI.

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