ST. CLOUD - Cybersecurity is a growing concern for Central Minnesota businesses. That's according to the latest Quarterly Business Report from St. Cloud State University.

Economics Professor King Banaian says 85 percent of the respondents say cybersecurity will become more important over the next five years.

Cybersecurity concerns are going to grow over the next five years. Firms realize it's out there. Many of them are probably doing business online, or somehow have their business connected to the online environment in one way or another.

Banaian says, when businesses were asked whether they plan to hire any additional cybersecurity professionals, only 18 percent said yes. Banaian says that means a lot of businesses are probably looking at outsourcing those services.

He says SCSU has a whole major established in information assurance, which is part of the cybersecurity process. He says there's also collaborative efforts between the business school, the college of Science and Engineering, and the School of Public Affairs.