COLD SPRING - The ROCORI school district is expecting to start fall classes before Labor Day this year.

Labor Day is on September 7th this year, which is the latest it can land. ROCORI Superintendent Scott Staska says they are now expecting to start class on September 1st, pending state action in a special session.

"It just gives a little nicer year, we can extend a couple weekends a little bit longer and it gives us a more relaxed pace to the school year."

Minnesota lawmakers are expected to give school districts across the state a chance to get their academic years started before Labor Day in an education plan. It's assumed Governor Dayton will sign the plan during a special session, which could be held on Friday.

Staska says most families support starting before Labor Day this year.

"Most folks don't want to go back to August but the feedback we've gotten is September 1st is typically a pretty good time to start."

The school start debate was lively in the Legislature because lawmakers from resort areas argue an earlier start depresses late-summer vacations. Supporters say waiting too long means a school year that streches into June.

-This story was written with information from the Associated Press-