ST. CLOUD - Design images for a new Tech High School and an updated Apollo High School were presented to the St. Cloud Area School District on Wednesday night.

A High School Design Task Force led by the Cuningham Group and IIW Minnesota made their recommendations to the school board during a special meeting on Wednesday night.

The proposed new Tech High School would fit 1,800 students and would have 360,000 total square feet for 200 square feet per student.

The school would have specialized lab spaces, a graphics computer lab, video production space, an engineering lab and mechanical engineering space. There were also talks about adding a culinary arts lab.

A new Tech would have a 700-seat auditorium and music rooms, a three-station gym, eight-lane pool, fitness center and wrestling room. The Tech commons (Picture below) would have large windows to display the wooded areas outside and give an open feeling to the school.

The task force also discussed remodeling Apollo High School (photos below) during the meeting.

The entry ways would be remodeled and centralized with a new glass entrance. The center of Apollo would be remodled into a "Discovery Center", an area themed to reflect science and technology. Adjustments would also be made to the interior of the building to create more hallway space.

In December, architects said building a new Tech High School would cost about $112 million and costs to improve and upgrade Apollo would cost around $52 million.

The proposed new Tech Commons area (Cuningham Group and IIW Minnesota).
Proposed new entrance for Apollo (Cuningham Group and IIW Minnesota)
The Apollo "Discovery Center" (Cuningham Group and IIW Minnesota).