ST. JOSEPH - St. Joseph is looking to add a foot golf course to a city park in the near future.

Foot golf is a combination of soccer and golf and involves kicking a soccer ball into a cup in as few shots as possible. The city park board is looking to add a six hole course to Northland Park, which is north of County Road 75.

John Anderson is chair of the park board and says foot golf is becoming more popular. Angushire Golf Club in St. Cloud recently started offering foot golf last year.

"It's really gaining a lot of popularity fast-kind of like disc golf sort of exploded. We're thinking this is going to be more of a neighborhood introduction to foot golf," Anderson says.

Anderson says the course won't cost the city much at all to put in and that there are local partners interested in paying for parts of the course.

"We have a very small budget, so looking at adding amenities to a park at little cost is very attractive to us."

The park board hopes to start the project before the winter.