SARTELL -- We continue our series of follow up stories called "Whatever Happened With That?" here on WJON. Today we look at what happened to the proposed resident owned mobile home park in Sartell.

Back in 2016 residents in the Sartell Mobile Home Park were notified by the park owners, RV Horizons, they were planning to sell the property and giving the residents first opportunity to buy the park.

The residents wasted no time and began working with the nonprofit group, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, to help them achieve their goal of buying, owning and operating their small community.

However, while the park continues operations as usual, it's not run by the residents who live there.

Sartell City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says the resident buy-out never went any further and the property is no longer for sale. The park remains in the hands of Colorado-based RV Horizons.

Degiovanni says since the property remains privately owned, the city doesn't have information on what's happening on the site unless a request is submitted to the city.

So while there was a time that left residents looking over their shoulder, now has that same group saying there is no place like home.

Calls to the Sartell Mobile Home park General Manager for comment have gone unanswered.