FLENSBURG -- We continue our series, "Whatever Happened With That" by following on a landmark bar in Sobieski destroyed by a fire over the summer.

It was a low point for Herbie's Bar after a fire destroyed the business back in June. However, almost a year later the bar has risen from the ashes.

"It's tough sometimes to look at the pictures. The sign we kept still has the ashes from the fire on it."

Cary Blechinger-Gorka is the Bar Manager. She says when they lost the bar it was like losing a member of the family.

"There is so many emotions that go into it when you lose something like that. The bar had been in that community forever."

She says they knew they wanted to keep Herbie's Bar alive and were lucky to find a new space to call home in Flensburg, just one town over.

"It was turn key operations, we were able to walk in the door and start doing business right away and that's what led to the decision to move here."

The bar reopened in October and Blechinger-Gorka says the support from the community has been more than they could have asked for.

"It's not always geography that make places feel like home, it's people that make places feel like home and when you have the same faces around it helps a lot."

She says while they are still adjusting, they know they made the right choice to reopen and keep the business going.