ST. CLOUD -- We continue our series of follow-up stories on WJON we're calling "Whatever Happened With That?" Today we're updating you on plans for Phase II of the St. Cloud Community Aquatics Center and YMCA.

Since opening in May staff and members continue to settle into the new facility.

Executive Director Greg Gack says since moving into the new facility, their staff has been putting all their focus into learning the new day-to-day operations.

"So the construction is complete, but it still doesn't mean for the next year or so we don't have some kinks to work out and understanding the new systems to better serve the community."

The $27-million facility includes two pools, a hot tub, steam room, sauna, climbing wall, walking track, space for classes and workout equipment.

In talking with Gack back in May, it was believed once the new facility was opened they would begin fundraising for phase II, which included an outdoor pool. However, he says that conversation hasn't begun just yet.

"Yes we do have an aspiration for Phase II and our long term vision is to reach and serve a large part of our community. We know to do that we're going to have to expand and find the amenities that will keep our community connected to the YMCA."

To date, the YMCA has close to 13,000 members and over 34,000 visits each month with plenty of room for growth.

Gack says they don't have a timeline for phase II but they hope to have something for the community and have a direction by the end of 2018.

Coming-up Monday in our follow-up series "Whatever Happened With That?" we'll take a look at what happened with the plans for the St. Cloud downtown office building complex.