FOLEY -- Expansion could be on the rise for the city of Foley in the near future.

City officials have been brainstorming ideas on how to develop and grow the city.

"We have been working on a couple of different avenues," says City Administrator Robert Barbian. "We want to attracted people who want to grow their business and have worked with a few different folks," says Barbian.

The city has some money and land available that they would like to use to help local businesses grow or bring in new businesses to the city.

Barbian says when he was hired the city was talking about growing their current business park and felt that would be the best use of their resources.

"One of the continuous thoughts of the council was to use the resources we have to make the best use we can to help everyone in the community," says Barbian.

The current plan would have the city redirecting Bronder Drive, develop the open land in the business park, and area across Highway 23 and 25.

"We continue to look at other areas where our next business park, the 10-20 acres sites and one of those area is they open area along Bronder Drive," says Barbian.

Barbian says there are a few larger areas that would be ideal locations for bigger developments.

He feels the cities willingness to help area business grow should lead to the development they are looking for.

"Foley is a great town where you can establish yourself and it doesn't take a lot to set up a business here in town," says Barbian.

He says they are also looking at developing the downtown area too.


Robert Barbian shows the land sites the city would like to develop. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News.)