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Looking Back: The Copper Lantern Restaurant
The Copper Lantern's been a fixture on Highway 10 in St. Cloud for some 30 years. But even before that, the place was a restaurant, serving up great meals to travelers and locals alike. Find out how the restaurant began as a Country Kitchen and became "The Copper."
How to Prepare for Severe Weather in St. Cloud
Severe weather around here seems to be more and more prevalent, seems to start earlier and earlier every year and seems to be getting more and more severe. Here are is how you and your family can be prepared for the storm and know exactly what to do when the skies turn cloudy and the weather turns b…
New Program Coming to WJON; “Question of the Week”
WJON will be introducing a new interactive radio program weekly from 9:10-10 Fridays beginning Friday May 25. The program will be asking listeners to weigh in on the "Question of the Week". It will change every week and can vary from asking "What is your favorite festival/city event…