ST. CLOUD -- It's the time of year where many of us are excited to get outside and soak up the summer sun. However experts says without precautions that tan may not be worth it.

CentraCare Health Dermatologist Dr. Christina Anderson says whether in a tanning bed or outside, there is no good way to tan.

"People think that a tan is somehow protective but it's not so there really is no safe way to tan," says Anderson.

She says the exposure of too much ultraviolet radiation not only damages your skin but speeds up the aging process.

"Your DNA changes and you're speeding up the process of aging your skin and you're increasing your risk of all types of skin cancer," says Anderson.

Anderson says if you want a tan the best way would be to get a spray tan. If you are choosing to go outside to make sure you find shade, continue to apply sunscreen throughout the day, and even wear long sleeves.

"The more you are covering up the less exposed you are and the less sunscreen you need in those areas because you're totally covered," says Anderson.

And even on a cloudy day the suns rays can still damage your skin.

"Even on a cloudy day up to 80 percent of the suns rays can get to us, even in a car so you need to wear your sunscreen," says Anderson.

Too much sunlight can cause several types of skin cancer -- the most common types being melanoma or non-melanoma skin cancer.

Anderson says she isn't trying to ruin your summer fun in the sun, but to make sure you are well aware of the dangers that can happen and how to better protect yourself.