UNDATED - Something dubbed the "One Ring Scheme" has started popping-up on local cell phones.

The Better Business Bureau is warning cellphone users to watch out for brief calls from international prefixes, such as 473 - which covers Grenada.

In most cases reported so far, people's cellphones ring just once and then the call disconnects.  The scammers are counting on your curiosity getting the best of you and dialing the number back.

While the area code most mentioned is 473, other prefixes that might appear on your caller ID might be 809 for the Dominican Republic, 876 for Jamaica, and 284 for the British Virgin Islands.

Reports are the calls are being routed to international adult entertainment or chat lines, where charges can accumulate quickly.

The best policy is to ignore calls from strange numbers.

The BBB also advised you to watch your cellphone statements closely, and contact your carrier if you notice any strange charges.