ST. CLOUD -- Our three part "After Midnight Series" continues today with Orange Cab. Samantha Larson is a taxicab dispatch by day and driver by night. I rode along with her during her Saturday overnight shift.

She started picking up customers and recognized some of their voices from her work as a dispatch. For some, she knew exactly where to bring them home before they even had a chance to tell her their address.

She received about ten pickup calls during the time I spent with her in the taxicab. Most of her customers appeared to be intoxicated.

She says Saturday nights are generally her busiest. On a Saturday night Orange Cab
usually has triple the number of cabs out on the road than they do during weekdays. She says Saturday nights are generally her busiest.

Larson says Downtown St. Cloud is her least favorite area to drive after Midnight.

Larson says she likes driving cab because it's relaxing and the pay is good.

See a video of my ride along below