ST. CLOUD -- In this first installment of  "St. Cloud After Midnight,"  I caught up with St. Cloud Police Sergeant, Justin Day to see what his job is like when most are sleeping.

Despite his last name, Day works the night shift. I rode along side Day to figure out what his job is like after Midnight.

The City of St. Cloud is divided into five sections called beats. Day was in-charge of patrolling the Downtown beat. I was told I could go anywhere he went unless I was in immediate danger. Day says weekday nights are usually quiet.

Within a few minutes of being out on patrol, Day was sent on an intoxicated persons call. He was told that a resident of an apartment complex wanted his intoxicated friend to leave, but didn't want him to drive home.

Day says nights are when they generally receive more intoxicated persons calls.

We arrived at the apartment complex a few minutes later. Day resolved the issue by giving the intoxicated person a ride to a nearby hotel. Day wrote up the incident report on his laptop inside of the squad car.

This was the only call we received during the time I spent in the vehicle. Day says after the murder of Cold Spring police officer, Tom Decker the constant threat is always in the back of his mind.

He continued to patrol the area and wait for calls for help the remainder of my time in the squad car.

See a video of the ride along below.