ST. CLOUD -- With frigid winters and sweltering summers, Minnesota has some of the most extreme weather in North America but that does not stop a St. Cloud man from doing what he loves.

Jim Bertram has been braving the Minnesota elements commuting year-round on his bike for the last 30 years. Bertram says he started biking year-round simply to see if he could do it.

"It just started out as a personal challenge," Bertram says. "I found out very quickly that it's has risks, it has challenges, it isn't easy but it can be done."

Bertram, who works in multimedia production for St. Cloud State, says he has always been a fan of physical activity and sustainability, and he has noticed these benefits from year-round biking.

"You just feel great, you're always in shape," Bertram says. "Secondly, of course is the financial simply save a ton of money."

The weather does make it tough sometimes, but Bertram says its always worth it.

"There are many times when I'm out there in the middle of my commute and I'm thinking 'I'm uncomfortable'," Bertram says. "But that's all part of that mental challenge."

Bertram says he has loved biking since he was a kid and has been involved with racing and even sight-seeing in Europe while using a bike.

"I just love biking," Bertram says. "Your traffic is squirrels and's a great way to go to work and one of the highlights of my day."


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON