WAITE PARK -- Waite Park is looking at transforming a current Mobile Home Park into two hotels.

The Silver Leaf Group is proposing to build two premium hotels and a conference center in Waite Park.

The proposed site would stretch from Division Street at the corner of 6th Avenue South down to 4th Avenue South .

Members of Silver Leaf met with the Waite Park city council at this morning's (Tuesday) work session to discuss the potential plans.

The developer wants tax-increment financing to help rehab the property into the $27-million-dollar project. Silver Leaf Group is considering asking for $4.26 million in TIF over 25 years.

Silver Leaf Group President Don Evenson says while the site is not in shovel ready condition they believe they can get all the details finalized in time to begin construction in April.

At the moment the construction of the hotels and conference center has some obstacles to overcome. The Tri-County Mobile Home Park, a vacant radiator shop building and a temporary food shelf currently occupy the proposed site location.

Waite Park City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says a final TIF application has not been filed with the city and would need to have their financial firms review the proposal before the project is brought before the council for a vote.

At the moment Evenson says they have no agreement with a franchise yet but envision working with Marriott or Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

Each hotel would have about 100 units and create 72 full time jobs.

If all goes well Evenson says they hope to have the hotels built by 2016.

Tri-County Mobile Home Park that may need to be relocated if hotels are approved. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News).