ST. CLOUD - Sometimes the best stories are the simplest says Jim Barkley with a smile. Barkley owns Sonant History, a company that works to preserve personal history.

Barkley's interest in personal history started after his father Robert Barkley died. His father was a WWII co pilot of PBM seaplanes in the Pacific.

Barkley says that his father probably had experiences that were facinating if not interesting. Barkley was too young at the time to remember his father's stories.

Barkley came across an old tape recording of his father that he had taken while playing as a child.

After stumbling across the tape recording Barkley says he wonders what it would have been like if he had asked his dad what it was like to fly a seaplane.

Barkley decided that since his family would have found this type of recording valuable then others probably would too, so he started Sonant History.

Barkley travels across the country to client's homes. He starts by asking them questions about their lives, and stories of their past.

During this interview process he captures their life and emotion on recording. He says that he believes audio is the best insight into a personality.

Barkley says that often times people take photographs but forget the stories that go along with them. He says that you should take the time now to record your stories.

Barkley will be traveling to a client's home in Utah in the coming weeks. He says that he will travel to any place where people have a passion for perserving their life stories and experiences.