UNDATED - It looks like below freezing temperatures are going to be sticking around for a while. And, while some people might not be quite ready for the cold snap, there are others who say 'bring it on'.

Aaron Kreller owns Stop Light Bait, Tackle, and Guns in east St. Cloud. He says his customers are anxious to start ice fishing.

From years past we're behind.  Most people have always used Thanksgiving as a benchmark for ice fishing. But the last couple of years, like last year, we weren't out until Christmas.

Kreller says, with the forecast calling for even colder temperatures, he expect some lakes around this area will be ready for ice fishing by the end of next week.


Meanwhile, they're busy making snow down at Powder Ridge near Kimball.

On this stretch, we started making snow on Monday night. About 2:00 a.m. the guys got it going and its been going about 24 hours a day since.

Co-owner Jerry Wahlin says they won't have every run open by this weekend, but quite a bit of the ski resort will be open for skiing and snowboarding.

He says they started making snow when the temp got below freezing, but the colder the conditions the better.