Have you ever booked a hotel online, thinking you were going to be getting spacious rooms with an ocean view? An indoor pool, continental breakfast, and other pampering amenities?

Check out these five red flags that you might be booking the wrong hotel.


The photos of the rooms are shot with a fish-eye lens. It was probably shot that way because they are trying to make the room look bigger than it really is. Also, the pictures of the lobby might not show anything but a fancy vase...it might be pretty, but...what about the hotel?


If the website you visited looks totally outdated, odds are that the hotel hasn't been updated either.


Believe it or not, reviews ARE worth reading. However, if the owner or manager of the hotel is responding to the reviews, and is being rude about the comments, rather than just giving a professional response, chances are you'll be dealing with a butt-head of a Manager in person too.


If the website talks all about the great things there are to do in the area, but mentions nothing about the great things to do at the hotel, chances are, there's not much to talk about.


Did you know there is actually a website called bedbugregistry.com?  It's true! Make sure you check it out. It should tell you if anyone has reported bed bugs at the location. Yikes!