WAKEFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Wakefield Township is looking to renegotiate their contract with the Cold Spring Police Department.

The township officially terminated their Joint Powers Agreement on March 6th. A formal letter was sent to the Cold Spring City Council on March 7th stating their reasons for termination.

There is a sixth month termination clause which states that the contract will be void six months from their motion to end the agreement. In the meantime, Cold Spring would continue to provide Wakefield Township with the same police services.

Township Clerk Heidi Stalboerger says Wakefield Township decided to end the police contract because it is outdated. The Joint Powers Agreement is 14 years old.

Wakefield Township would like to enter into a possible Service Contract with Cold Spring instead of a Joint Powers Agreement. Stalboerger says the language of the contract does not reflect current practices.

The clerk also mentioned that she'd like to see a new contract that sets budget parameters and highlights a plan for police coverage. Stalboerger says it's hard to plan an annual levy when police fees change each year.

According to Stalboerger Wakefield Township received a very minimal annual report this year from the Cold Spring Police Department. In an E-mail to WJON, Stalboerger states,"We received a report of all police calls for the year and left on our own to sift through the calls that pertained to our township."

She says the township is waiting on a response from Cold Spring regarding their March 7th letter.