SARTELL -- All pets and their owners were welcomed today (Sunday) as Unity Spiritual Center celebrated its third annual Pet-Blessing celebration.

Rebecca David, WJON

The idea to do a pet-blessing came from the center having so many members that were owners of pets.

Reverend  Barbara Winter Martin, lead the celebration in the center's Unity Garden and most of the four legged furry friends (Dogs) were calm and waiting for their blessing. Martin says the reason they continue to do this is because the blessing is a wonderful way for owners and their pets to connect and feed off each others energy.

"We know that energetically that's how we communicate truly and so when we are sending love to our pets and receiving it back. We are bringing that beautiful vibration together and this is partly a reminder to us to always be blessing our pets" says Martin

First time attender Ben Dockendorf and his four legged furry dog Lynn said they had a good time. He thought his was a good opportunity for Lynn to not only get a blessing, but meet new friends.

"Any kind of interventional will help so if they can get a blessing it sure can't hurt them. That's how I look at it" says Dockendorf

As the pets received their blessings their owners hoped nothing, but the best for them. To give their owners some reassurance, the dogs "sang along" as the celebration came to a close.

Tri-County Humane Society, Central Minnesota Therapy Animal Association, and Sam and Dannie's Pet Resort and Spa were among those that sponsored the event and were in attendance to assist and give pet owners any information.

If you and your pet are interested in finding out more about the blessing or wanting to attend visit Unity Spiritual Center for more information.

Rebecca David, WJON