I bet all of us have a few embarrassing photos when we were kids.  I'm willing to guess that we all have some similar poses that we'd rather forget.  I've put together the Top 5 types of embarrassing photos.  The Top 5 at 7:45 airs weekday mornings with me on WJON.

5) A bad hair style - Lots of hair spray in the 80s or a perm, like my brother had in 6th grade.
4) Wearing short shorts.  The longer board shorts didn't become popular until the 90s.
3) Prom photos.  These can be embarrassing to reasons to brag.
2) Photos when you had a big zit.  Acne photos should be burned.
1) Bath tub photos.  These are not pornographic but awkward but all parents seem to take these innocent photos.