Craig Hill at the driving range.
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

ST. CLOUD - With the warm weather come the need to start warm weather activities, and golfer got a head start to the season. Craig Hill was one of the golfers taking his first swing on the Boulder Ridge Golf Course driving range. He says it was great to be swinging a club again.

"A lot of the courses were open down in the cities, so it started to make me think that the driving ranges would be open around town here. It's always a challenge the first time you swing a club in six months, but it sure pays off to come out, and hit some balls," says Hill.

Harry Stanius at the driving range.
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

Harry Stanius also brought his clubs out of winter storage. He has been golfing for 65 years, and was excited to start another season.

"Last year it was the middle of May before we got on the golf course. We got a two month head start so this is great. It was just a little bit of a struggle, but it was fun," says Stanius.

This, however, is not the earliest Stanius has started the golfing season.

"We've played as early as March 9th," says Stanius, "I remember in Monticello we played one year that early." 

Both of these golfers are looking forward to all of the golfing ahead and have their goals for a great year.

Stanius says, "I hope to keep enjoying golf, that's the important part." 

"Keeping the score under eighty is always a good season," says Hill.

The driving range at Boulder Ridge Golf Course is now open. Boulder Ridge says the rest of the golf course should be open in the near future.