ST. CLOUD -- Suspense and unspoken love take center stage at the Paramount Theatre this weekend for the opening of The King and I.

It's a musical based on the true story of a British school teacher named Anna Leonowens who educates children in Siam which is known today as Thailand.

Anna is a widowed mother raising a son. Anna and her son live in King Mongkuts palace. The two have different views on the world and how it works.

King Mongkut is given a slave girl named Tuptim as a peace offering between waring nations.

She is made one of the King's wives but is in love with someone else. As Tuptim plans her escape close friendship between Anna and the King start to grow.

Maria Reber plays Tuptim. She says it was challenging because she's never played a role like this before.

The characters come alive through song and dance with the accompaniment of a live orchestra.

The play is put on by G.R.E.A.T.  Theatre and  opens this weekend with showings through May 12th.