reporter's notebook

Reporter’s Notebook: Visit to San Antonio Worth the Trip
This past weekend I took a vacation in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas. It was my first visit to the city, in fact it was the first time I had ever been in the state of Texas. From the time I booked my trip I have heard nothing but great things about the city from others that have been th…
Reporter’s Notebook: Read a Good Book Lately?
For me one of the best times to sit down and read a good book is summertime. It's great to have reading material while I'm out relaxing at the lake. And, when I'm home, there's not a lot of new programming on T.V. (with the exception of the past couple of weeks and the Olympics…
Reporter’s Notebook: Dance Class A Humbling Experience
I am one of those rare guys that loves to dance, which means I’m usually a pretty big hit at wedding dances. I think I just having dancing in my blood, I’ve often heard stories of my maternal grandparents spending many nights at a local ballroom back in the day.