WJON News On-Demand – Wednesday, 9/18/13 – Morning
Here’s today’s headlines on WJON:

-- $3 million bail set for St. Cloud man accused of murder
-- Three vehicle crash in Sauk Centre Township
-- Fatal house fire in Willmar
-- Sen. Al Franken speaks about Navy Yard shootings
-- Highway 169 project slowed due to environmental concerns
WJON News On-Demand – Tuesday, 8/27/13 – Midday
Good morning here’s today’s headlines on WJON:

-- Two days of record breaking temperatures
-- Boy being tested for rabies after wolf attack
-- Sauk Rapid City Council votes to limit public speaking time
-- Ely plans to start fire to prevent a catastrophic forest fire
-- Michele Bachma…
WJON News On-Demand – Friday, 8/23/13 – Midday
Here’s today’s headlines on WJON:

-- Rural Long Prairie woman dead, 1 man in custody
-- Brooklyn Center police officer shot and killed man
-- Fire causes early morning evacuation at University of Minnesota-Moorhead
-- St. Cloud Tech College closes due to power outage
WJON News On-Demand – Thursday, 6/13/13 – Midday
Good afternoon here’s today’s headlines on WJON:

-- St. Cloud man arrested after allegedly selling marijuana
-- Foley Coborn's employee kidnapped yesterday
-- New study shows hands-free cell phone use is unsafe
-- New website helps taxpayers understand upcoming changes
WJON News On-Demand – Friday, 2/8/13 – Midday
Here’s today’s headlines on WJON:

--A winter storm is causing flight delays
--The national commander of the American Legion is criticizing a proposed salary increase for the military
-- St. Joe passes a new street light ordinance
--Sartell is set to buy land that they will turn into a…